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How We Work

When we work we think about you, the client.  Our approach to planning , building a team, and completing your project is designed to best support you and your goals

Our Goal Oriented Approach

Easy communication fosters professional teamwork between our team and yours

Our technical expertise reduces costs

Fast project estimations allow for shortened deadlines

User oriented, intuitive interfaces support smooth and effective workflow

Iterative agile methods in the development process help foster strong communication, thereby avoiding many of the pitfalls encountered when outsourcing software development.

Our process has two tracks

Project Set-up

Team Set-up

  • Introduction Call

  • NDA Signed

  • Requirement Specification

  • Cost & Time Estimations

  • Proposal

  • Agreement

  • Project Planning

  • Team set-up proposal

  • Talent Choice

  • Agreement

  • Team Integration

Start of the Project

learn more about how we can help your team get the most from your development investment

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