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Bulgaria's access to a big talent pool means we're able to extend your team's capabilities in a short time and scale up and down quickly to align with your development needs

quickly and affordably

Bulgaria: the most reliable nearshore location in Europe

A Bulgarian team ensures:

  • A culture and language fit between our team and American & European based companies

  • Employees comfortable communicating in English and working remotely on a day-to-day basis in an agile & scrum environment. 

  • The majority of our Bulgarian team pursued higher education in the UK, USA, and across Europe, only coming back home to begin their career path

Most importantly, Bulgaria promises plenty of highly skilled talent

Among the 280,000 students enrolled in Bulgarian universities more than 115,000 are in the IT, Mathematics, and Administration fields. 

It’s no surprise that Bulgarian Java and Python developers rank second and third worldwide, while the country boasts more than 40k software engineers. 

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